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We have been back together now for 6 months, and even though we still have our occasional little disagreements, we are happy together.
Bust most importantly, even if he ever leaves me again, next time I know I can make it without him. Truly, genuinely make it without him.
And that feels great!

I guess my point to this wall of text is this: Believe in yourself and good things WILL start to happen!

As much as you may want to die when a break up
happens, trust me when I say, you CAN endure, you CAN survive, and you WILL walk away stronger than you ever imagined.

robthefirefly Says:
March 22nd, 2011 at 6:47 pm
oh my God! i was just checking the net to make sure i was good to go and had my suspicions confirmed. i think i really am over her now! no songs, no movies,no more hoping for emails or phone calls, no crying, eating like a son of bitch again, and most important of all…. the all ladies are looking good again! i am giddy. i never thought this would happen so soon. i expected to be in a funk for another year at least (broke up 6 months ago). the time apart has given me the ability to step back and with complete clarity, see that i was the biggest pussy ever. i cant believe i put up with that histrionic borderline bs for over 3 years! i dont hate her but i certainly can see where being apart from her has made me realize that not chasing her was the best decision of my life. believe me, i wanted to. i wanted her back real bad.
like my ex wife, i really do hope she finds her guy.
what sucks is that i really did love her two kiddos. i miss them. they are great.
i am just glad i can breathe again. so many NICE women out there. i cant believe i subjected myself to all the things i did just because she was a knock out…the thing is, there are a ton of knock outs everywhere!!! and they like fat guys like me!!!!
i dont even know what prompted me to write this…probably because i had to let her know that i was sending her some cash but could care less what she thought and then “voila” it hit me… i dont care anymore. i dont care what she thinks. not sad. not hurt. not anything… i just dont care!!!!

stay with it guys. it passes. trust me. i really loved this one and thought it would never pass but it does. in truth, i still love her but now i just dont care. : )