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Outdoor Sports

canoeing, tree climbing, climbing, caving, via ferrata, cannyoning, paragliding, mountain biking, horse and pony riding, tennis, glider, golf, quad biking, road biking, hiking, hot air baloon rides...
Consult your "Rendez-vous ‘découverte’ between the Cévennes and Pic Saint-Loup walks and accompanied outdoor sports.

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Less than a half hour away from Isis en Cévennes:
- Canoeing
- Adventure Trails
- Caving
- Via-Ferrata
- Climbing
- Go-Karting
- Paraglyding
- Mountain biking
- Canyoning
- Horseback Riding

Just over an hour from Isis en Cévennes:
- Hot Air Balloon Rides
- Water Sports on the Lac du Salagou
- Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean Sea
- Gliding over the Pic Saint Lou

- Consult your "Rendez-vous ‘découverte’ between the Cévennes and Pic Saint-Loup walks and accompanied outdoor sports


Kanu Camping Isis {JPEG}On the Hérault, small tranquil river that takes its source on the mountain of the Aigoual. From small to great rapids, passing through calm and relaxing stretches you can navigate this river up to its "classified" gorges upstream from St Guilhem le désert.
The routes (from 3 to 18 kms) traverse limestone gorges where the water is of very good quality. You will find numerous beaches of fine sand where you can relax as a family or with friends. Ideal places to pause for a dip or a picnic.

Useful information:Teams of qualified professional assist and advise you. For groupes - possibility of having specialised supervision - Specialised Montiors / State qualification in Canoeing-Kayak(on reservation)
Our partners in Saint Bauzille de Putois:
°Canoë "le Pont suspendu" tel: 0467 731 111 Reserve your canoe
°Canoë "Montana" Tél : 04 67 73 36 76 Reserve your canoe
°Canoë le "Moulin" tel: 0467 733 073


"A corner of Paradise
Situated at the base of the Pic d’Anjeau, close to the village of Montdardier with its magnificent château, come and discover this new park. More than 80 original games at altitude, at sometimes very high up in the trees, installed for you in a magnificent forest, a stones throw away from the Cirque des Navacelles and natural swimming holes in the Vis.

Baumwipfelklettergarten Camping IsisUsually called parc accrobranche ® or parc aventure ®, it makes up part of the acrobatic routes installed in the forest for the up-most pleasure of all..
The routes:
- A "pitchoun" route, without a harness, with a responsible adult holding the childs’ hand, staying by their side! (available up to 2 years, for the discovery of new sensations!)
- Parcours test: with a harness to aid learning, then:
- Grands parcours…"

Useful Information:
Geneviève and Sébastien greet you in the parc d’aventures
Route de Ganges, 30120, Montdardier‎
Information and reservations at : 06 08 53 93 70
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The many limestone plateaux of our region hide in their heart innumerable jewels in the form of deep rivers and galleries that since the turn of the last century attract both the curious and sport lovers the world over.
If certain caves have been set up to permit to everyone the chance to discover the wonders of the subterranean world, others have been left in their original raw state, leaving to the sports lover the pleasure of adventure!

Höhlenerforschung Camping IsisNumerous cavities permit the discovery of new caves more or less easily accessible: the cave of Anjeau, the cave of Ours, the abyss of Bez, the abyss of the Leicasse towards St Maurice de Navacelles, the abyss of Rognès in the valley of the Arre, lthe abyss of Rogues on the Causse de Blandas...

If you come as a club, we will put at your disposition some information and maps as well as somewhere to leave your kit.
You can also choose to be accompanied; the agency Aupalya will permit you to see the wonders locked in the underground world. From the initiation cave accessible to everyone, to the active network for the passionate, they have selected for you the most concretionary caves of the region.

A bit more on caving with this passage; these citations from Charles Martel, the father of modern French caving. It was in fact, with Louis Armand, discoverer of many underground jewels that have since become famous (the cave of Dargilang, the Abyss named Armand after its discoverer…) and his famous crossing over the Abyss of of Brambiau mark the birth of this both scientific and sporting underground activity!

Extract from his "les Abîmes" (or “the Abysses “) published in 1894

"Madness has many forms ..."
Our equipment always attracted keen attention. When we had the misfortune to descend on a Sunday, whole villages would congregate around the entrance to the shaft and impede our activities. Admittedly, we also had to smile at the sight of the confusion of ropes, block and tackle, winches, ladders and lamps we seemed to spirit up the mountain slopes. Not to mention our surveying and photographic equipment, spare clothes, wine casks and provisions.

When we descended into the abyss, the old women would cross themselves and intone between recitations of (after) the Lord’s Prayer: `Doubtless you may be able to climb down, worthy Gentlemen, but you’ll never come up again!’ Or alternately: `Madness has many forms!’

Often the peasants would enquire: `Do you need the plan of this hole to dig a similar one back home?’ And the genial priests who offered us accommodation in the absence of guesthouses, forced their blessings upon us.

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Via Ferrata is the Latin expression for "Iron road" or rail road. Formerly used by the Italian army to overpass in total security the inaccessible passes of the Alps, the Via Ferrata has in recent years witnessed a particular infatuation from the public. The route is an artificial path drawn across the limestone mountain of Thaurac.
Between climbing, caving and hiking; half using immense cliff faces and half the immense porches of natural cavities, our trail will thrill novices as much as regulars.

Via ferrata Camping Isis {JPEG}The via-ferrata is a recent activity “in some way” derived from climbing, from a specially set up route you can discover the mountain: routes based on cables, ladders, gangways, monkey bars, zip wires...

Arial passages overhang the valley of the Hérault and the river, carving out our cévenol landscape, narrow passages to scale from ladder rungs ready to support without difficulty children and adults alike, an immersion into the underground world with an abseiling descent or a perpendicular jump into the Cave of the Baume du soleil, to come up a few metres further along, through a new passage towards the light!
You’ve got it, this activity will bring you discovery, technique and will encourage multiple climbing or even caving techniques for the pleasure of all.

Useful Information:
Agence AUPALYA Cévennes Route de Montpellier - 34190 Saint Bauzille de Putois - Infos - Résa : 04 67 73 01 01
- more info on the Via-Ferrata in theCévennes?
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Le Thaurac (20 routes)
St Jean de Buèges (46 routes)

Ehemaliger Steinbruch von Castries, Camping IsisThe Limestone Mountains of the South of France offer us inexhaustible play grounds.
In a wild and protected nature (Parc du Haut Languedoc, Parc des Grands Causses, Parc National des Cévennes…)
Accessible in all seasons, climbing will permit you to lose yourself to new sensations. From beginners to those wishing to perfect their skills on massive cliff faces, all sites are adaptable to your level.

Useful Information:if you wish to benefit from the services of a professional guide, don’t hesitate to call our partners:
Agence AUPALYA Cévennes Route de Montpellier - 34190 Saint Bauzille de Putois - Infos - Résa : 04 67 73 01 01
- More info on climbing in the Cévennes?


If its mechanical sports that catch your attention, you can try out the go-karting circuit of "KARTIX PARC" (1185m) for the littler ones (minimum 7 years) a course of 690m with special Mini-Karts designed for them.

Kart nicht weit vom Camping Isis {JPEG}The Kartix circuit organise leisurely challenges with racing karts “FFSA” and “RACE-LINE” karts in formula 4 time.
The championships of France and Europe.

The best bit: we offer you RDV-Kart at the camp-site for challenges “inter-campers” at preferential prices.

Useful information: Open all days (expect Monday morning, Tuesdays and Thursdays during term time) from 9h00 to 12h00 and from 14h30 to 18h00.
"Les Peras des Caizergues" 34190 BRISSAC Tel: 04 67 73 75 00 Service commercial: 06 86 21 84 84.
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Fly? Why not, who hasn’t dreamt of it...
"Envol nature" is a professional school, labelled EFVL by the Fédération Française de Vol Libre; anchored in the region for more than 20 years, it exploits mainly the wonderful site of the Séranne, which permits beautiful southerly flights over an unlevel trail of more than 700m.

Gleitschirmfliegen Camping IsisThe educational two-seater flight is suggested to develop your know-how and your perceptions.

Useful Information:
Not too much! The school close to us has closed! It is still possible however to paraglide near Alès, about 1h30 from the camp-site..


Starting from the camp-site, you have a 25km circuit using earth tracks and used roads,

Circuits VTT sur le massif de l'AigoualOn the mountain of the Aigoual, there exists a guide of 5 circuits of 1h30 up to 5h30, starting from Espérou, the Col du Minier and Dourbies.

The mountain bike offers vast possibilities to discover the great outdoors. And you can also chose the mountain bike trek accompanied by the agency Aupalya which invites you to discover in their company, through day long or half day treks, the most beautiful routes of Cévennes Méridionales. From sporting circuits to downhill treks for beginners, they will guide you through our lovely region off the beaten track
In this grandiose setting: remnants of the Neolithic, architecture typical of the country, but also cross country, skidding passages through forests, descents through the gorges of the Vis.
The mountain bike is a lightweight utensil that can thread its way with ease on little routes, armed with big tires to aide grip and a reinforced frame, powerful brakes for better control, and endowed with a great number of gears to facilitate climbing.


Canyoning is a thrilling activity, both fun and sportive, that, based on climbing and caving techniques, allows to take on an atypical universe.
It’s a preserved and wild nature that you will discover during your escapade in these “wild” Cévenol rivers.
This activity is for those who are looking for thrills and adventure whilst remaining in total security: the alternation of walks in the water, descents through waterfalls, swimming or even jumps into the gigantic natural pools and rushing down natural slides, will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Canyoning Camping IsisDiscover, by the half or whole day, one of the most prestigious stays in the region (Waterfall d’Orgon, Gorge du Tapoul, le Bamabiau...)
Easier ones set up for beginners in the “adrenaline” canyons, for amateurs giant jumps.
In the company of our monitors, the equipment used to descend the canyon is situated half way between that of the cliff climbers and that of the scuba diving: harness and ropes for security, diving suits to protect from the cold water.

Useful Information:
Agence AUPALYA Cévennes Route de Montpellier - 34190 Saint Bauzille de Putois - Infos - Résa : 04 67 73 01 01
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The Cévennes and the Garrigue are actively enthusiastic about horse riding.

Reiten Camping IsisYou will find numerous sites, for instance the equestrian centre of Casilhac where you can also admire the rearing of Lusitaniens horses.

Useful Information:
Le Fesquet 34190 Cazilhac Tél: 04 67 73 98 91 Fax: 04 67 73 41 01


The South of France by hot air balloon...

Heissluftballon Camping IsisUzès, between the Cévennes and the Méditerranée, is the meet point for your aerial wander through the South. With the Montgolfières du Sud you can make your aerial inauguration by balloon, fly over the Pont du Gard or the roofs of the historic city of Uzès. But, the Montgolfières du Sud, are before all aeronautical enthusiasts who wish to share with you moments of conviviality, suspended between earth and sky!

Useful Information:
Les Mongolfières du Sud - Jean et Marie DONNET 64, rue Sigalon - 30700 UZES Tél : 04 66 37 28 02
- plus d’info sur les Montgolfière du Sud?