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Musical Chapel

Every Sunday night throughout July and August, classical music lovers as well as the curious can appreciate the excellent acoustic qualities of our little roman chapel (for free) through a compilation of brilliant musical extracts that will take you through the eras.

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The chapel at St Julien de la Nef was rebuilt in 1110 on the ruins of a little Visigoth church, itself constructed on the foundations of a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to ISIS.

An arch and the columns of the chapel of St Julien de la Nef were rebuilt in 1110 on the ruins of a little Visigoth church burnt down around the year 900/1000 (the actual lateral walls were part of it!)
This Visigoth church was itself built on the foundations of a little gallo-roman temple, probably dedicated to ISIS (connection between the myth of St Julian the hospitable and the myth of ISIS).
The edifice is build on a source and during the digs of 1978 were found some tegulae (flat roman tiles), as well as the old fashioned carved brick foundations of the gallo-roman temple, still visible on the right hand side of the building.

It’s the "nef" or nave (the boat) that permits the crossing of the river, in fact, in the myth of Isis as in that of St Julien, and therefore the crossing from the material world into that of the spiritual!

Chapelle Romane au Camping Isis

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MUSICAL WALKS throughout the centuries:
We hope that music can aide this passage: every Sunday night throughout the summer, appreciators of classical music (and the curious) can discover the excellent sound quality offered by the chapel during the diffusion of a brilliant compilation of musical extracts.

Certain lovers also choose this little chapel to celebrate their union.
Mariage dans la chapelle au camping Isis