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The Cévennes covering diverse geological zones (limestone, sandstone, shale, granite), the landscapes through your hikes are therefore very diverse : beech forests, fir and spruce in altitude, abrupt gorges, of the Dourbie, the Jonte, or of the Trévezel, enigmatic underground river of the Bonheur, (Abîme de Bramabiau) or of the Vis (moulin de Lafoux), mysterious plateaux of the Causses, soft and fragrant Garrigues .

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The Cévennes covering very diverse geological zones (limestone, sandstone, shale and granite), the landscapes are consequently also very varied: forests of pines spreading for hectares, abrupt gorges (of the Dourbie, the Jonte or the Vis), underwater river of the Bonheur (Abyss of Bramabiau) or of the Vis (Lafoux mill), the mysterious plateau of the Causses, the gentile and fragrant Garrigues.
Whatever the season, because of this diversity, hiking is pleasant, allowing through the magnificent landscape, the discovery of an architecture typical to the Cévennes (hamlets, old magnaneries) or Caussess (caussic farms) but also to admire the magnificent view points or appreciate a soothing and refreshing stream...

- The programmed hikes and hikes on reservation
- The guided hikes
- The hikes starting from the Isis en Cévennes camp-site
- The hikes in the vicinity (1,2,3,4 hours or more)
- GPS Hire

Randonnée pédestre en avril sur les Causses camping Isis

  • The programmed hikes and hikes on reservation

- Spring and Autumn, in the frame of the “hiking in the Cévennes festival" organised by the “FIRA”, we suggest a walk (10 km) starting from the camp-site, on the program: jam sandwiches and home-made fruit juices, written games, readings, barbeques et walks through the wilderness.

The union of “writing and walking” is interesting, we are already organising more of the same on upcoming dates (more info?)

- Summer, each week, we offer a scheduled hike or “RDV randonnée" in the surroundings.
- And once or twice a night walk (depending on the moons’ cycle)

  • The guided hikes

On reservation and for groups of 8 people minimum, we can also organise hikes with an accompanying guide; we can equally relieve you of the organisation.

  • The hikes starting from the Isis en Cévennes camp-site

Starting from the domain you can indeed begin your treks from 1 to 8 hours long without having to take your car.
We have maps and added information at the reception.

La "pleine de Ganges" du Mont Méjean camping Isis

- The col de Gourdon 1hour:
This little “warm up” tour with its 20’ incline is a good test for the strollers and a “challenge” for the little ones; once arrived at the top of the hill it offers a lovely view on the Pic d’Anjeau.

- The tour of "Lacan" 3 hours:
Past the first 20 minutes of climbing it is easy and agreeable, you have the pleasure of passing through two very pretty little villages and, if you wish, the possibility to stop off at the Malharmé Family Pottery on the way back.

- The longer tour of “Lacan” 4/5 hours:
Up to Roquedur le Haut to witness the view over the Valley of the Arre with Le Vigan in the foreground.
Or head towards St Bresson (6/8 heures)

- Saint Laurent du Minier 4/5 hours :
In addition to the fact that you cross St Laurent du Minier with a possible stop off in the village bar (very pleasant, in the shade of old oak trees), it’s possible on this tour to have a longer pause at the magnificent waterfall of the Vis or even lunch at the nice little bar that overlooks it!

- The Mont Méjean 3/4 hours:
This route that uses the GR 60 offers magnificent points of view over the Mont Aigoual, the “plain” of Ganges, the valley of the Hérault and that of the Rieutord. It finishes with the crossing of the Hérault (which is not necessarily possible in all seasons!)
It is also possible to lengthen it by climbing over the “Twins” (two identical mountains on the summits of which are found a chapel on one side and a castle on the other, with a panoramic orientation table).
And it can be shortened by only walking the horizontal part of the plateau (very easy with children) but then it’s necessary to ascend in a car (7mn!)

Les Cévennes vue du Mont Méjean camping Isis

- The Mont Méjean lengthened towards Sumène and the Ranc de Bane 5/6 hours:
After the ascension of the col of Serre, we take a signposted little route to descend into the Valley of Rieutord.
On the circuit, you can take a pause at Combe Chaude a natural reserve with a path of interpretation. At one point you take the ancient rail road that linked Nîmes to Tournemire on the Causse. You will also need to be equipped with an electric torch since you will be crossing a cave!

Randonnée pédesres: Cévennes

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