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Donkey Ride

Want to wander with your little ones but they’re too small to keep up? Hire a Donkey!
It will make you forget your fatigue and stimulate the "troupes" to discover cévenols paths or magnificent pleatueas. Location for the 1/2 or whole day.

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Randonnée avec un âne dans les Cévennes, pres du Camping Isis en Cevennes

A few day long circuits:

  • The magnificent and grandiose Cirque des Navacelles, crossing the Causse (or Plateau) de Blandas, the Garrigue, the oak trees to overhang the meardering path of the Vis.
  • The forest of Mondardier with spectacular views on the Mediterranean, the Garrigue and the terraces of the valley of the Vis.
  • The plateau of the Blandas, hilly route across heaths, oak trees and through the little hamlet of Navas, little “Worlds’ End”.

The best bit: Visit the breeding centre there are donkeys but also lamas!

Wednesdays with an appointment. Following the route of the donkeys, you will walk across the mineral and grandiose landscape of the plateau of Blandas...

Elevage de lamas camping Isis en Cevennes

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On the Landscape:
CAUSSE et LAMAS Route de Navas 30120 MONTDARDIER
Tel / Fax : 33(0)4 67 81 52 77 Mobile : 33(0)6 13 15 72 09—33(0)6 15 05 22 71
On the Cevennes:
ANAMBULE Au Mas Corbière 30570 Notre dame de la Rouvière
Tel Mobile : 33(0)7 78 24 62 02