Camping Isis en Cévennes
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Discover the Cévennes by road bike: circuits, uneven...

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The roads of the Cévennes , narrow and rarely used, are very much appreciated by cyclists because, apart from the many hills to climb, the offer a quantity of looped circuits varied not only by their level but also by their landscape.
Here are a few examples of circuits created by Modestine :), you can consult them online, print them off or upload them onto your GPS!

Les Cévennes à Vélo-col Asclier Pres du camping Isis en Cevennes,
Pres du camping Isis en Cevennes,Velo: les petits cols des Cévennes

  • Tour 1 The Isis:

St-julien-Sumène-Roquedur-st bresson-st laurent le minier-st julien Camping Isis: st-julien-Sumene-Roquedur-st bresson-st laurent le minier-st julien
- Length 38km
- Total ascent 1357m
- Passes: 4
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  • Tour 2 The Isis bis: "the little tour"

St Julien-Saint Laurant-Saint Bresson-Roquedur-st Julien
- Length 25km
- Total ascent 864m
- Passes: 2
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  • Tour 3: The Asclier

- Length 85km
- Total ascent 2986
- Passes: 7
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  • Tour 4: The Mont Aigoual

- Length 160km
- Total ascent 5494
- Passes: 9
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  • Tour 5: Navacelles

- Length 96km
- Total ascent 2471
- Passes: 5
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  • Tour 6: The tour of the onions

- Length 75km
- Total ascent 2257
- Passes: 5
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Vélo + Camping Isis en Mai