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Camping activiteiten

Dance nights, Karaoke, Football (wild), ping pong, minigolf, volleyball, treasure hunts, pétanque (of course), casino and other competitions or games are organised all summer long; come and have a go!
What then is a YUKA?

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Outside of July and August of course, the animations are less frequent but out region is not lacking in activities and the play areas are at your disposition.

- Summer meetings Music, hikes, Shiatsu, French Lessons...
- What then is a YUKA?

  • Summer meetings
    • Night walks:
      Come and live this unforgettable experience in the shape of a walk under the stars with only the moon to light your way! (participation: 13 euros with barbeque)
    • French lessons: make the most of your holidays by perfecting your French!
      An original proposition:
      You are in France, a French teacher, specialised to teach foreigners, comes especially for you at Isis en Cévennes.

2 formulas to choose from :

1/ Describe a Languedoc Roussillon landscape in French.
A lesson for “beginners”: 2H. (10 à12h [2x45mn]) 30€/pers

2/ Speak French over the dinner table.
The meal with Magellangue 30€/pers.

    • "SHIATSU": Every Monday and Thursday between 17 and 20h we offer slots (participation: 15 euros)

Shiatsu au camping Isis

What is a Shiatsu massage?
Shiatsu is a technique of well-being originating in Japan. It reduces stress and is a source of well-being; it’s an excellent response to the lack of balance bought on by modern day life.
The work is done either lying down on a mat, a massage table or a sat on a chair. The vibe in which the procedure takes place is wholesome and pleasant. The base of the shiatsu is acupressure, i.e.: it’s a question of applying pressure to specific points on the body (pressure points).It’s a deep and revitalising massage that leaves you relaxed.

The shiatsu is possible for all being in good physical health, young or older, man or woman.

Shiatsu is a non-therapeutic work that aims to:

* help to release tension, notably in the back and the neck
* reduce stress, increasing morale in periods of the “blues”
* improve sleep
* improve digestion
* aide breathing

Zaubervorführung im Camping Isis {JPEG}

What then is a YUKA?

The Yuka is our money!...
In the year 2000 (10 Yukas for the person who can confirm this date with certainty!) we decided to forge our own money so, when you win, you win yukas that permit you to take home with you, after a windfall... a whole bunch of wonders, each one better than the last!

How to win Yukas?
Here are a few examples:

  • By playing right away, with our quiz! (as soon it’s online in a few months...)
  • By quoting the 5 sites you can make out in the magic photo, online soon...
  • By finding on the site the “links” that win you yukas
  • By reserving online your site at the camp-site before the 30th of March or your rental before the 28th of February (as of the second year)
  • By signing up family and friends
  • By joining in the summer animations: of course

Volleyball im Camping Isis